CATS: Advising

Not sure sure what you want to major in, questioning your career path or just need to change your schedule? Don't worry, we're here to help.

The Advising team, part of the College of Education Advising and Teacher Education Success (CATS) Office, is excited to collaborate with you as you take steps toward achieving your goals at UNI. We are here to support you throughout your academic journey. As professional advisors, we'll be your primary source for academic advising. You'll be assigned to one of us, and from the time you join us until you graduate, we're here to ensure a comprehensive, consistent and successful approach to your academic advising and program development.

What We Do

We Help You

  • create a long-term academic plan
  • answer questions about your goals
  • talk through career options
  • declare a major or minor
  • plan your semester schedule
  • track progress to your degree
  • connect with campus resources
  • achieve your educational goals


We Advise

  • early childhood education
  • ​elementary education
  • middle level education
  • recreation, tourism and nonprofit leadership
  • all associated minors


Advising At-A-Glance

Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle Level Education Majors
AdvisorCurrent Student Assignments*
Barb GagerA-E
Meredith PecinovskyL-S
Jenny ConnollyT-Z

* Students may see an advisor outside of your designated contact as needed. 

If you're interested in or part of the primarily online 2+2 elementary education BA program, you can connect with Erin Conlan.



Recreation, Tourism & Nonprofit Leadership
Mike TateA-Z

* You may a see an advisor outside of your designated contact as needed.