Keeping your education affordable

Thanks to the generosity of donors (many who are alums) and other resources, you’ll find numerous options to help finance your education as a College of Education major. This includes:

  • More than 175 scholarships for new freshmen, new transfers, current undergraduates and graduates
  • Graduate-level assistantships supporting master’s and doctoral students, including part-time students

In FY 2021, nearly $850,000 in scholarships alone helped College of Education students stay focused on their studies and their futures. 

Your best resource is the Office of Financial Aid. Associate Dean Oksana Grybovych Hafermann serves as a central College of Education contact. Feel free to contact her at or 319-273-2717. 

Scholarships in General

Support at multiple levels

More than 100 donor-based scholarships are available to College of Education students via one universal online application. The scholarships are available to a mix of levels:

  • new freshmen
  • transfer students
  • undergraduate
  • graduate students
  • specific majors or other qualifying criteria
Hall of Excellence studying

Getting started

  • Make sure you've completed a recent FAFSA, between October 1 and January 15. 
  • For most scholarships, all you need to do is fill out the universal UNI scholarship application.
  • Verify application deadlines. Dates to remember:
    • Undergraduate applications --- Due January 15, unless otherwise noted​
      • Graduate scholarships -- Due April 1, unless otherwise noted
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A variety of options 

The majority of College of Education donor-based scholarships provide aid up to $2,000 a year and may be renewable. Most are awarded based on a college committee review of all eligible applicants. 

Three core UNI scholarships are available to College of Education students who meet criteria:

  • Benjamin J. Allen Teacher Education Scholar Awards, Iowa resident tuition per year
  • COE Scholars Award, up to $1,000 per year
  • COE UNI-T.E.D. Scholarship, up to $1,000 per year
Students studying at Schindler
Schindler Education Center

Dean's Graduate Scholarships

The Dean’s Scholarship assists graduate students financially as you complete graduate work in a master's degree, advanced studies certificate program or doctoral program in the College of Education. 

Up to 30 $1,500 scholarships are awarded annually. Contact your department for information about deadlines and application processes.

Graduate Assistance 

With a graduate assistantship, as a full-time student you can gain experience in your field while working toward your degree. These are a mix of teaching and research positions. You can apply for graduate assistant (GA) positions as a master’s student. 

If you’re an on-campus student, you can also apply for a graduate tuition scholarship

Facts & Figures

GA Assistantship Compensation

Master's: Full (per semester) $5,395.00    Half (per semester) $2,697.50
Doctoral: Full (per semester) $8,086.00    Half (per semester) $4043.00

Graduate Tuition Scholarship Rates

Master's: Full (per semester) $4,579.50    Half (per semester) $2,289.75

There are many other scholarships available for part-time gradute students and online graduate students. Contact your department for details. 

Graduate Assistantships by Department 

Curriculum & Instruction

Literacy Education
Learning Technologies & Instructional Design
School Library Studies 

‌Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership Studies

Educational Leadership
Postsecondary Education
School Psychology MAE/EdS
Institute for Educational Leadership

‌Health, Recreation & Community Services

Dimensions of Well-being
Athletic Training
Public Health
Athletic Training


Dimensions of Well-Being 
Strength & Conditioning