College of Education

Excellence in Education

If teaching is your passion, and your focus is early childhood, elementary, middle level or physical education, then the University of Northern Iowa College of Education is for you. Here you add to the legacy of the largest teacher education program in Iowa.

Diversity of choice and careers awaits our undergrad kinesiology, health and human services majors, who go on to excel in fulfilling professions with degrees in movement and exercise science, athletic training and rehabilitation studies, public health or recreation, tourism and nonprofit leadership. 

No matter your choice, whether you're undergraduate or graduate, you'll find — in the people and expertise of the College of Education — a commitment to lead, teach, serve and engage. Most importantly, to prepare you for a future beyond expectations. 

Undergraduate Majors   
Master's Programs   
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#1 Major

1 in 10 students choose elementary education, the largest major at UNI. 

98% Placement

98% of recent College of Education graduates are employed or continuing their education.


725+ Hours Hands-On 

That's for our teaching majors; clinical experience and internships are key for all majors.