Student Organizations

Looking to get involved in something new?

Joining a student organization is one of the most effective ways to find community and pursue your passions at UNI. By joining a student organization, you can:

  • form new friendships
  • meet others in your field of study
  • learn more about your career path
  • volunteer locally
  • find leadership opportunities
  • build your resume
  • make a difference during your time at UNI

Student organizations associated with the College of Education span the multiple interests of our students. And don't stop there! You're bound to find other organizations across campus — some which may relate to your major and others that let you explore, engage and grow in other directions. Make your mark and join in!

COE Student Organizations 


Kappa Delta Pi (KDP)

Kappa Delta Pi Logo

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) is an international honor society for students with high ideals and high academic achievement.  We hold monthly membership meetings and have many active service and outreach programs in area schools and community agencies that members can participate in or lead. We prepare teaching students to become successful leaders through these professional development events, partnerships, and ongoing programs. If you have a cumulative GPA at or above 3.0 and a semester GPA at or above 3.50, are fully admitted to the teacher education program, and have been at UNI for one semester, you should receive an invitation to join by mail and email in the weeks prior to the start of the fall and spring semester.

Faculty Advisor: Becky Hawbaker 
President: Sophia Patchin


Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)

Calling all students interested in a career in nonprofit! The UNI Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a student-run organization dedicated tNonprofit Leadership Alliance Logoo educating, preparing and certifying students to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. The UNI NLA is part of a national network of 40 different colleges and universities, as well as countless nonprofit organizations, with this same goal. By joining the NLA, you’ll also receive your Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential (CNP). Visit for more information.

Faculty Advisor: Kristina Kofoot 
Executive Director: Megan Beaman

Outdoor Education and Leadership Alliance

OELAThe Outdoor Education and Leadership Alliance (OELA) is an organization for students who have a passion for leading outdoor adventure trips. It is a way to have discussions on common practices, industry standards, and safety in the guiding and outdoor leadership community, practice wilderness scenarios, and skills in a group setting, and get to know other students.

Faculty Advisor: Kathy Scholl 
President: Courtney Johnson


Shine On Inc. at UNIShine On Inc. Logo

Help give individuals with and without labeled disabilities opportunities to perform, create and experience the arts together! Shine On, Inc. is an Iowa-based nonprofit organization that has many different branches and sponsors various types of events. At UNI, our focus is pairing UNI students with K-12 children with and without labeled disabilities for weekly dance sessions and different events within the local community. Let’s promote an inclusive space where we can all learn from each other and grow together.

Faculty Advisor: David Hernandez-Saca 
President: Lindsay Amundson


Student Affairs Pre-Professional Association (SAPA)Student Affairs Pre-Professional Association Mini-Golf Outing

Students looking to pursue or currently enrolled in the master's degree program in Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs are welcome to join SAPA. SAPA follows its members through the transition into the program, helps monitor their progress throughout the program and prepares them for a successful future career. Students benefit from SAPA because they experience personal and professional growth through collaboration across UNI’s campus and beyond.

Faculty Advisor: David Schmid 
Executive Leadership: Elizabeth Baby, Ava Deitrich, Dani Goedken and Kylie Rink

Student Association of Middle Level Educators (SAMLE)Student Association of Middle Level Educators Logo

SAMLE is an organization that gathers pre-service teachers on a bi-monthly basis to have discussions, listen to guest speakers and network with others in their field. SAMLE also hosts its very own annual conference that promotes professional development by facilitating leadership activities and inviting professionals to speak on relevant topics in middle level education. Join now and, when you graduate, you’ll feel more prepared to transition into your first year of teaching.

Faculty Advisor: Dana Atwood-Blaine
President: Lindsey Pixler


Student Elementary & Early Childhood Association (SEECA)Student Elementary & Early Childhood Association Logo

Get to know your peers and be better prepared to enter the workforce after graduation by joining the UNI Student Elementary & Early Childhood Association (SEECA). Not only will you get to network and listen to guest speakers at the monthly meetings, but you’ll also get to participate in other fun volunteer activities (like the annual Trunk-or-Treat event). Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved and increase your skills as an educator.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dessy Stoycheva
President: Jaley Butler

Student Literacy Association (SLA)Student Literacy Association

Meet other students interested in literacy education and expand your knowledge. That’s what the Student Literacy Association (SLA) is all about! As a member, you’ll join your peers monthly to hear from knowledgeable, experienced professionals in your field and have discussions on topics related to literacy. You’ll also open yourself up to scholarship opportunities and receive a free book at each meeting to build your classroom library.

Faculty Advisor: Sarah VanderZanden 
President: Rebekah Craighton


Teacher Education Ambassadors

Teacher Education AmbassadorsBecome a student ambassador for teacher education through Teacher Education Ambassadors (TEA). TEA is an organization that aims to promote teaching majors to students interested in education. Our student ambassadors represent the university by giving tours of the facilities, connecting students to resources and sharing their experiences with others. As a student ambassador, you’ll gain leadership experience to add to your resume, practice and polish your interpersonal communication skills and so much more.

Faculty Advisor: Ryan Scholl and Meredith Pecinovsky

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Association

If you’re planning on entering the field of therapeutic recreation and looking for opportunities to gain experience outside of the classroom, you’ve come to the right place. The TR Association gives students real opportunities to apply their knowledge through volunteer opportunities within the community and at organized events. There are monthly meetings, as well as potential involvement in state and national therapeutic recreation organizations which can help enhance learning and connect students with others in the field.

Faculty Advisor: Rodney Dieser 
President: Jaylyn Sharp