Explore Our Departments

Curriculum & Instruction

The largest department in the college is also home to the leading major at University of Northern Iowa: elementary education. It's joined by early childhood education, middle level education and graduate emphases in literacy education, school library studies and learning technologies. 

Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership Studies

With a primary emphasis on helping you advance as administrators and professionals in K-12 and higher education. Home to a faculty dedicated to guiding your core foundation in teacher education.

Health, Recreation & Community Services

Here you'll find a trio of undergraduate offerings with diverse opportunities — athletic training and rehabilitation studies, public health, and recreation, tourism and nonprofit leadership. If you're ready to advance your career in philanthropy or community health and recreation, keep reading. 


Education and health come together in the Department of Kinesiology, where you'll find premier undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of exercise science and physical education teaching and allied areas like coaching, sport administration and sport performance.


Special Education

Our faculty leads one of the most sought-after minors at University of Northern Iowa, ensuring you have the foundation needed to support diverse learners in the inclusive classrooms of today and tomorrow. And with our history at the graduate level, we've been here to aid your continued growth and advancement for generalists and specialists alike. 


Helping you become a teacher is what we're all about. Our primary role: coordinating most of your field experiences for Teacher Education. With a network of contacts built across Iowa and beyond, your opportunities are wide-ranging and diverse as you prepare for your future classrooms.