Faculty Senate

Purpose and membership

The College of Education Faculty Senate:

  • Undertakes the role of constructing and revising policy/procedures to uphold shared governance.

  • Develops a closer community between colleges, instructional departments, and faculty and students.

  • Advises the Dean of the College on budget and program priorities, strategic planning, consultative on preparation for targeted searches and other priorities of the mission of the COE.

  • Coordinates special projects and events relative to college-sponsored committees.

  • Holds elections for COE department and three at-large representatives on committees.

  • Advocates for college faculty with both the University Senate and administration, providing an additional line of communication for faculty.

  • Nominates colleagues for university awards.

  • Creates ad-hoc committees to address specific issues.

2024 Faculty Senate

2024 Faculty Senate

COE Faculty Senate Membership

David Hernandez-Saca, Chair
Special Education 
Term Ends: Spring 2026

Leigh Zeitz
Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) 
Term Ends: Spring 2025

Heather Olsen
Term Ends: Spring 2027

Colleen Mulholland, Dean
Sohyun Mecham, COE Dean's Proxy, Associate Dean of Research, Scholarship & Faculty Excellence
Megan Holbach, Administrative Assistant (Minutes)

Shelly Bromwich 
Term Ends: Spring 2024

Theophile Muhayimana
Educational Psychology, Foundations and Leadership Studies (EPFLS) 
Term Ends: Spring 2024

Shelley Price-Williams, Senate Secretary
Term Ends: Spring 2024


COE Faculty Senate representatives on university committees:

University Faculty Senate: Megan Balong, Teaching, and Karla Krueger, C&I
Student Academic Appeals Board (SAAB): Kenneth Hayes, EPFLS 
University Graduate Council: Mason Kuhn, C&I 
Intercollegiate Academics Advisory Council (IAAC): Tim Gilson, EPFLS
University Curriculum Committee (UCC): Mark Hecimovich, Kinesiology & Athletic Training/on behalf of HRCS
Graduate College Curriculum Committee: Robert Boody, EPFLS
Faculty Senate Nominating Committee: Karen Breitbach, Teaching