About the Department

Blending engagement and service

Quality of education in Health, Recreation & Community Services (HRCS) begins with the professors and supporting staff who have one focus: your success.

You’ll benefit from both their passion as well as their expertise which reflects the diversity of the disciplines within our program offerings. Whether connecting you to community organizations, bringing their own lived experience to the classroom or encouraging you to explore, you’ll find a team of people ready to engage with you and your dreams. 

Kathleen Scholl, PhD, part of our recreation, tourism and leadership studies faculty, has led the department since 2020. 

We are fully committed to human services and how they empower quality of life. And we believe strongly in community engagement and faculty service — for our students as well as our faculty and staff. It keeps all of us informed and connected.

Kathleen Scholl, PhD
Head, Health, Recreation & Community Services
Davis Center for Healthy Youth Development
Spaces and Places

Facilities That Impact 

As an HRCS student, the setting is part of your experience: 

  • Wellness and Recreation Center (computer instructional lab, student computer center, wellness resources lab, fitness facilities)
  • Human Performance Center with the Davis Center for Healthy Youth Development, housing nonprofit leadership and youth initiatives 
Volunteering at food bank

Why HRCS Degrees? 

  • Dedicated, student-first, expert faculty
  • Hands on experiences at nonprofit, private, and public agencies and organizations
  • Accredited quality: Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT)