Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

Work for a cause you’re passionate about and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

A certificate in nonprofit leadership gives you the knowledge, skills and professional experience that support future careers in the nonprofit sector. Your classes touch on the management, philosophy, and leadership of nonprofits. With this certificate, you're well prepared to become Certified Nonprofit Professionals (CNPs) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA), which is recognized on a national level.

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Interested in the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate?

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What do our alumni have to say?

Megan McKenzie (BA '12) Executive Director of R.J. McElroy Trust

I thought about philanthropy as a career after I returned from my sophomore study abroad experience in South Africa. It changed my world, and then I changed my major! From my relationships with faculty to internship experiences I had the community, UNI helped create the dots I'd connect later. 

Emily Hanson (BA '13) Executive Director of Black Hawk County Gaming Association

I had classes in the recreation, tourism and nonprofit leadership department that taught me theoretical approaches to philanthropy while directly connecting me to the community off campus, so I could apply what I was learning real-time.

Getting Professional

Become a CNP

Earning this certificate puts you in a great position to become a certified nonprofit professional (CNP) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) network. UNI leads the country in graduates achieving this designation and this program has had a long-standing history of helping students earn their certification through the NLA. With the CNP, you will show future employers your dedication to the field and open yourself up to more leadership opportunities within the nonprofit sector.


Join the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)

Join a national community of students and professionals who share your passion for nonprofit work. The UNI Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) is a student-run organization dedicated to educating, preparing, and certifying students to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. It is a part of a national network of 40 different colleges and universities, as well as countless nonprofit organizations.



Here's a list of some of the courses that students pursuing a nonprofit management certificate will take. 

Completion of this certificate requires that you take 20 semester hours of predetermined coursework.

  • Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
  • Nonprofit Leadership Practicum, Level I and Level II
  • Internship in Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership
  • Financial Resource Management in Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Political Philosophy
  • International Relations
  • Human Rights
  • Marketing in Recreation, Tourism and Nonprofit Leadership