Foundation News: Live Purple, Give Gold

Purple for Life College of Education Foundation News Update

Thank you to all who made generous gifts to support students, programs and faculty within the University of Northern Iowa College of Education this past year. You are making a difference and impacting student success through your gifts!

Over the past nine months, I have heard over and over from alumni that the University of Northern Iowa was the right fit. It was the right size, it was the right community, and their time here set them up for every career and life step they have had since. I feel the exact same way. Almost 20 years ago, I also chose UNI because it was the right fit and the right school for me. 

College of Education students become educators, health professionals, coaches, nonprofit directors and community leaders. They are able to succeed in and out of the classroom through the support of UNI alumni and friends, who make a difference through their financial support to COE programs, scholarships, the Dean’s Fund for Excellence and more.

The Power of One

Kim HannaOne donor can make a huge impact on student success. This past year, new scholarships have been created, lecture series have been funded and programs have been supported. By living purple and giving gold, our alumni and supporters impact the next generation of UNI students by providing incredible speakers and classroom experiences. 

Since I joined the UNI Foundation in late September 2018, I have met incredible UNI alumni and friends, both in Iowa and throughout the country. For many of them, scholarships made UNI a possibility, and now they are excited to give back to create that opportunity for students today. 

To give UNI students the highest quality learning environment and ensure a UNI education continues to be affordable, donor support has taken on an even greater significance. I invite you to join us in taking the necessary steps to ensure a UNI education remains accessible and affordable for all. With your investment in scholarships, students can focus on their studies, enjoy all that a university education offers and contribute to our society and economy.

Please consider making a gift to support student scholarship or another area of passion. For more information or to discuss, contact me at 800-782-9522, 319-273-7319, or

Kim Hanna ‘04
Director of Development
College of Education

Strottman scholarships continue to make impact

Strottman scholars 2019In spring 2019, Anna Hoins, of Waverly, Iowa, became the fifth student to receive a $10,000 Sally Gearhart Strottman Memorial Scholarship, renewable for four years. This fall she joined current students and fellow Strottman Scholars Hannah Roeding, of Denver, Iowa, and Jacob Hartman, of Cedar Falls, on campus. 

Incoming freshmen from 18 counties in Northeast Iowa who will pursue a degree in elementary education can apply for the scholarship. Through a generous gift to the UNI Foundation in 2015, the scholarship honors the late Sally Gearhart Strottman (B.A., ‘70, elementary education; M.A., educational administration, ‘92), a former educator in the Waverly-Shell Rock school district. 

“This is a prestigious scholarship which continues to support high-caliber students who have a passion for teaching and are excited about working with students each and every day,” says Colleen Mulholland, interim dean. “We remain grateful for the support, generosity and commitment to the promise of the teaching profession.” 

FY 19 Donor Roll

Thank you to the following donors who made cash contributions to the college between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. 

Names with (*)  indicate Dean’s Inner Circle members, who gave $1,000 or more to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. Names in bold indicate UNI Legacy Society members. 


Dr. Ken Budke Family
Nancy & Walter Coziahr                                                                                        
HNI Charitable Foundation                                                                                     
Jeanne & Harmon Hosch                                                                                         
Kern Family Foundation                                                                                        
R J McElroy Trust                     


Pamela I Breithaupt                                                                                           
Cedar Valley Medical Specialist PC                                                                            
Eloise & Robert Dennis                                                                                        
Ken L Heflin                                                                                                  
Heflin Family Trust                                                                                           
Betty Hyde                                                                                                    
Roger & Barbara
Sarah Overturf                                                                                                
Sue Stedman                                                                                                   
Charles Walker  


Karen & Lyle Avey                                                                                             
Larry & Carol Bowen                                                                                           
Marilyn Dudley                                                                                               
Judith Finkelstein                                                                                            
Fleming Sisters Fund                                                                                          
Robert & Charlene George                                                                                      
Joan Gill                                                                                                     
Dale & Sally Grabinski                                                                                        
Mary Herrick                                                                                                  
Shirley & Dale Hewlett                                                                                        
Susan Hudson                                                                                                  
Iowa Association for Communications Technology                                                                
Gil & Kris Irey                                                                                               
James L Kelly                                                                                                 
Pat Jessen                                                                                                    
Sandra & Lawrence Klosterman                                                                                  
John & Joye Kohl                                                                                              
Kim Kulish                                                                                                    
*Jeri & Rick Levi 
Suzanne & Duncan Mellichamp​
Ruth Ann Meyer                                                                                                
Doris Steffy 
Dave & Karen Takes                                                                                            
William F & Linda Z Tubbs Revocable Trust                                                                     
Karen Ultis                                                                                                   ​
Veridian Credit Union
Kent & Pamela Wessely                                                                                         


Rose & Jeff Blank                                                                                             
*Bob Brown
Bill Callahan                                                                                                 
Janice & John Chrystal                                                                                        
Jim & Jane Cuddeback                                                                                        
*Eloise and Robert Dennis (Dennis Revocable Trust)                                                                                        
*Nancy DeWalle (Community Safety Foundation)
Karen F Dole                                                                                                  
Sharon & Ric DuBois                                                                                           
Joan E Duea 
Judith & Dick Ela                                                                                             
Pam & David Fairly                                                                                            
Matthew & Stacy Gary                                                                                          
Kyle & Payten Gerjerts                                                                                        
Carol Glass & Jerry Rewerts                                                                                   
Doris Cassens Goering & Donald Goering
Ramona & John Hall                                                                                            
Jerry & Beth Harris                                                                                           
Richard & Linda Jaffe​
Patricia Joyce                                                                                                                                                                           
*Mary Kaiser-Smith 
*Paul & Dixie Kellerhals                                                                                       
Don & June King                                                                                               
Ripley Marston                                                                                                
Martinson Construction Company Inc                                                                            
*Jeanne Mastain                                                                                                
Myrtle Merritt                                                                                                
Carol Phillips
*Catherine & Reid Richards 
Victoria Roller                                                                                               
Craig & Natalie Schumacher                                                                                    
Marilyn Sill                                                                                                  
Dick & Linda Smith                                                                                            
Catherine Smith & Fred Larrison                                                                               
Frank Esser & Pamela Trelstad                                                                                 
USA Weightlifting Inc                                                                                         
Lois von Berg                                                                                                 
Mike & Rita Waggoner                                                                                          
Judith D Walton                                                                                               
Dianne & Doug Whittle                                                                                         
Bill Riess                                                                                                 
Barry & Jane Wilson  


Daryle & Lydia Adams                                                                                          
Darrell & Deborah Anderson                                                                                    
Sandy Benak/State Farm Insurance                                                                              
Diane M Berthel 
Joann & D. Weston Boyd                                                                                         
Steve & Trina Brewer                                                                                          
Joy Briggs                                                                                                    
James & Corrine Brown                                                                                         
Cedar Falls Lions Club                                                                                        
Stephen Fortgang                                                                                              
Gregory P Gerjerts                                                                                            
Sharon & Bruce Hann                                                                                           
Adam Harrer                                                                                                   
Gretchen Hewlett                                                                                              
Roark Horn                                                                                                    
Bradley Jacobson State Farm Insurance                                                                         
Jeff & Annette Lanning                                                                                        
Levi Architecture                                                                                             
Mary & Matthew Martens                                                                                        
David Martinson                                                                                               
Drew McLellan Charitable Fund                                                                                 
Janet & Dave Moeller                                                                                          
Karen & Patrick Pavao                                                                                         
Thomas Pearson                                                                                                
Cathmar Prange                                                                                                
Mary Ann & Richard Rosonke                                                                                    
Rydell Chevrolet                                                                                              
John & Nancy Sonka                                                                                            
Patricia Stock                                                                                                
Jean Trainor                                                                                                  
Judy & Richard Yerian                                                                                                                                                                  


Judith & David Beane                                                                                          
Helen Bleth                                                                                                   
Julianne Gassman & Kevin Bown                                                                                 
Dawn & Robert Boyd                                                                                            
Dian & Carlos Boysen                                                                                          
Jim & Carol Brannon                                                                                           
Lucas Cook                                                                                                    
Nick & Haley Davis                                                                                         
Shirley A Dutton                                                                                              
Judy Evans                                                                                                    
Aaron M Heflin                                                                                                
James Heiberger                                                                                               
Brian & Julie Hiles                                                                                           
Anna Javellana                                                                                                
Tracy & Joby Javellana                                                                                        
Josh & Lara Jepsen                                                                                            
LeRoy & Susan Kester                                                                                          
Betty J Kingery                                                                                               
Diana & Brian Kirstein                                                                                        
Kathryn J Korns                                                                                               
Daniel Laudick                                                                                                
Barbara B Mendenhall                                                                                          
Kevin Milroy & Mary Gaffney Milroy                                                                            
Lee Nicholas                                                                                                  
Diane & Bruce Perry                                                                                           
Christopher & Mary Beth Rygh        
Mark & Judy Salzwedel                                                                                         
John & Julie Schreurs                                                                                         
Patricia & Jeff Seinwill                                                                                      
Kathy Shelton                                                                                                 
Peggy & Cort Van Buskirk                                                                                      
Genevieve Van Dorn  
Jessica & Jeremiah Van Dyke