Every Gift Matters

A special thanks to those who contributed to the college this past year. The example you set for our students is important. Your generosity helps them to learn and understand giving back is an important part of their role as future alumni. Every gift really does matter.

Although UNI is a public institution with a mandate to serve the people of Iowa, the State of Iowa does not fund all of UNI’s costs. In fact, over the past 30 years, the percentage of costs funded by the state has decreased while the cost of education has risen dramatically. Today, state funding covers nearly 40 percent of the cost of a UNI undergraduate education for Iowa residents. The remainder is covered by tuition, federal grants and, most importantly, gifts from alumni and friends like you. That is why every gift matters.

To give UNI students the highest quality learning environment and ensure that a UNI education continues to be affordable, donor support has taken on an enhanced significance. With the newly renovated Schindler Education Center, we are now able to provide cutting-edge technology and flexible spaces for students to prepare to be the future leaders and educators in our nation. If you are interested in a naming opportunity for you or a loved one in the Schindler Education Center, I’d love to show you options. I encourage you to tour the facility – you will be amazed.

With the majority of UNI students relying on financial aid, your continued investment is greatly appreciated. Your gift really matters!

Jane HalvorsonFor information on how to establish a scholarship, to make a gift to the Dean’s Fund, or make provisions for a legacy gift, contact me at 800-782-0522 or 319-273-4665 or email Jane.Halverson@uni.edu.

With sincere gratitude,

Jane Halverson
Director of Development
College of Education





Ken Budke Family                                                                                        
HNI Corporation
R.J. McElroy Trust                                                                                            
*Frederick Schindler
Sue Stedman                                                                                                  


*Pamela Breithaupt                                                                                          
Anne & John Brownstone                                                                                       
*Judith Finkelstein                                                                                           
*Jeanne & Harmon Hosch  
*Betty Hyde                                                                                                   
James L. Kelly   
*Roger & Barbara Kueter   
Sahai Family Foundation, Inc.                                                                                  
Satter Foundation                                                                                            
*Charles Walker                                                                                               


Karen & Lyle Avey                                                                                            
*Joan & Norman Gill                                                                                           
*Shirley Haakinson Hewlett & Dale Hewlett
Ruffalo Noel Levitz                                                                                          
*Sandy Stevens                                                                                                


Holly & John Becker                                                                                          
Don & Dianna Briggs                                                                                          
Tyrone Bruce                                                                                                 
Michelle & Ryan Clark                                                                                        
Henry Crown & Company                                                                                        
Delta Kappa Gamma Tau Chapter                                                                                
*Sharon & Ric DuBois                                                                                          
Judith & Dick Ela 
Anne Federlein                                                                                             
Fleming Sisters
Len & Gail Froyen                                                                                            
Robert & Charlene George                                                                                     
Ramona & John Hall                                                                                           
*Kevin & Lorna Harberts                                                                                       
Kenneth Lee Heflin                                                                                       
Mary Herrick                                                                                                 
Roark Horn                                                                                                   
Steven & Glenda Howard                                                                                       
Curtis & Nikki Hudnutt                                                                                       
*Mary Kaiser-Smith                                                                                            
*Don & June King                                                                                              
Ardeth Kocourek                                                                                              
John & Kim Kulish    
Marilyn Jorgensen
*Patricia Joyce                                                                                             
Ruth Ann Meyer
Susan Pagel                                                                                                
Carol Glass & Jerry Rewerts                                                                                  
Catherine & Reid Richards                                                                                    
*William Riess                                                                                                
*Victoria Roller                                                                                              
Craig & Natalie Schumacher                                                                                   
Dennis & Kathy Shaver                                                                                        
*Thomas & Michele Simpson                                                                                     
*Dick & Linda Smith                                                                                           
James Snider                                                                                                 
Virginia & Steven Stockdale                                                                                  
Steven J. Swenson & Ann L. Dalton
Marietta Thompson                                                                                            
Jean Trainor                                                                                                 
Thomas Troester                                                                                    
*Lois von Berg                                                                                                
Barry & Jane Wilson                                                                                        


Darrell & Deborah Anderson                                                                                   
Joann & D. Weston Boyd                                                                                        
Joy Briggs                                                                                                   
Maddie Christensen                                                                                           
Joan Duea                                                                                                  
Stephen Fortgang                                                                                             
Gregg & Jennifer Garn                                                                                        
Devora Grynspan                                                                                              
Gretchen Hewlett                                                                                             
Robert & Martha Hopkins                                                                                      
Mary Mehlhaus
Mary Ann & Richard Rosonke                                                                                   
Patricia & Jeff Seinwill                                                                                     
*Judy Spain                                                                                                 
Shirley Strunck                                                                                            
Judith Walton                                                                                              
Gale Wiedow & Laura Horton                                                                                                                                                                   


Donna & Gary Atwood                                                                                          
Lois M Baker                                                                                                 
Judith & David Beane                                                                                         
Calvin & Alice Boland                                                                                        
Jim & Carol Brannon                                                                                          
Shelly Brooks                                                                                                
William & Celia Burger                                                                                       
Toni & David Delp                                                                                            
Shirley Dutton                                                                                             
Empowerment Solutions, LLC                                                                                   
*Judy Evans                                                                                                   
Dennis & Grace Ferreter                                                                                      
Gregg & Jennifer Garn                                                                                        
Marilyn & Michael Garrett                                                                                    
Julianne Gassman & Kevin Bown                                                                                
Groetken Rentals                                                                                             
Sharon & Bruce Hann                                                                                          
Mark & Sherry Heflin                                                                                         
Josh & Lara Jepsen                                                                                           
Michael & Debra Judge                                                                                        
Shiela Kielly                                                                                              
*Betty Kingery                                                                                              
John & Joye Kohl                                                                                             
Lee & Lonna Leidal                                                                                           
Richard & Norma Linn                                                                                         
James Lott, Jr.                                                                                                
Larry Mechem                                                                                                 
Marjean Meyer                                                                                              
Shelley O'Connell                                                                                            
William & Gail Orcutt                                                                                        
John Peak, Jr.
Eleanor Perry
Veda Rasmussen                                                                                               
David & Sheila Roalf                                                                                         
Barbara & Alan Rosskamm                                                                                      
Scott Ryan                                                                                                 
Julia & James Slebiska                                                                                       
*George & Sandra Soper                                                                                        
Leota & Jack Thomas                                                                                          
Nancy Van Anne                                                                                             
Genny Van Dorn                                                                                           
Anton Valukas
Lance Wilson & Joann Mackin Wilson
Rebecca & Travis Wilson                                                                                                                                                                

Names in Bold Denotes Dean's Fund for Excellence of $1000+    
*Denotes Legacy Society Members