Building a Foundation

Coursework to build upon for teacher preparation

As a teacher education student, you’ll take four courses from Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership (EPFLS) faculty as part of the professional sequence of core courses. Together, these courses provide a shared foundation of the psychological and social foundations of educational practice that you'll experience at all educational levels (early childhood, elementary, middle level and secondary). 

“I have learned more than I could have imagined over the course of this semester. This class has really opened my eyes to what assessment really is... I really appreciate all of the knowledge that I have acquired because I know it will help me and my future students.”


Classroom Assessment

Doing quality assessments is integral to being a teacher. In this junior level course, EPFLS faculty help you gain the an understanding of the purpose of assessment, the different types of measurement, ethics, standards of quality, how to communicate about your dat and use it in making decisions, and the role of standardized assessment. 

Dynamics of Human Development

Every student brings differing perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to a classroom. In this class, you’ll use a cross-cultural lens to uncover the cultural nature of development and how that impacts teaching and student learning. 

Learning and Motivation in Classroom Contexts

How do students learn? What motivates them? How do your personal theories on learning impact this process? Delving into educational psychology and the various factors that influence student learning is at the core of this class. 

Schools and American Society

Perspective, context, policy, practice. EPFLS faculty help bring it all together in this review of the many social, political and economic issues and policies that affect school practices. Better  understand patterns and trends and learn to critically analyze the issues before you.