When middle school is the right fit

Fifth through eighth graders are a special bunch. If that’s a challenge you’d love, consider the middle level dual teaching major. This highly flexible teaching degree — the only one of its kind in Iowa  will prepare you to work with and better understand students in grades 5-8 in addition to K-6 or 7-12. Choose at least two concentration areas (math, science, English or social studies) as you learn how to teach and create a curriculum for young adolescents.

As a dual major, this pairs with an elementary or secondary education major. Middle school principals look for this endorsement. They value the extra level of knowledge and preparation you gain for leading middle level and junior high classrooms.  

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Career Placement

Post-graduation, 97.8% of College of Education teaching graduates either found jobs or chose to pursue further education.


Teachers in Iowa

Since 1938, UNI has prepared more than 1,700 teachers specially focused on educating young adolescents.


Specialty Areas

UNI is the only Iowa Regents' university that offers specialization in two subject areas for middle level dual majors. Choose from English, math, science and social studies.

Interested in Majoring?

Tell us more and we'll send information on how you can succeed with a dual major in middle level education from the University of Northern Iowa College of Education.

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Courses & Careers


As a middle level dual major, you’ll only add nine additional credit hours to your elementary teaching degree or 15 credit hours if you're preparing for a secondary teaching degree. Here are some core courses you’ll take in addition to your content-specific courses, depending on your areas of specialization. See the course catalog for a full listing. 

  • Development of the Middle School-Aged Child
  • Middle Level Curriculum
  • Middle Level Instruction, Differentiation, Assessment


Course Requirements


Below are some careers options you will be prepared to jump into or build toward after obtaining your dual degree in middle level education.

  • Teacher
  • Coach 
  • Instructional coach
  • Learning technology specialist
  • Tech  integrationist
  • Teacher leader
  • Curriculum design
  • Assessment specialist
  • Teacher librarian
  • Informal education specialist (museums, historical sites, etc.)
  • Afterschool programs
  • Edu-business
  • Edutainment

Beyond the Classroom

Get Connected.

Join a student organization or an honors society to get connected into the College of Education.

Student organizations:

  • Student Association of Middle Level Educators (SAMLE)
  • Student Literacy Association
  • Student Elementary and Early Childhood Association (SEECA)
  • America Reads
  • Supplies on Hand

Honor societies:

  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • Alpha Upsilon Alpha, Alpha Chapter
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Apply Your Knowledge.

Here at UNI, we want to make sure you are ready to jump into your career by giving you professional field experience opportunities beginning as early as your first year. The middle level dual major requires that you complete at least 30 field hours working with middle school students in additioin to your elementary or secondary field experience. 

These field experiences are central to your success as they allow you to:

  • apply theory to practice,
  • receive constructive feedback,
  • participate in meaningful reflection, and
  • have ownership in your growth.
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Be Recognized.

Annually we recognize UNI incoming and current students for their hard work and accomplishments through awards and scholarships, with more than 100 donor-funded scholarships specifically for students in curriculum and instruction, the department which oversees the middle level dual major. 

There are two middle level scholarships offered to current middle level majors:

  •  R. Paul Brimm Recognition scholarship, selected by the Iowa Association of Middle Level Education
  • Beth Lindner Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Each provides up to $1,000/year for the student selected. For most scholarships, all you need to do is fill out one form, and you'll be considered for UNI and College of Education-based scholarships for incoming and current students. 

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Student Association of Middle Level Educators

The Student Association of Middle Level Educators (SAMLE) is THE organization for students interested in teaching young adolescents. You'll gather on a bi-monthly basis, have intriguing conversations, listen to engaging guest speakers and network with practicing educators. An annual highlight: the SAMLE spring leadership conference, coordinated fully by our students. Get a jump start on professional development through leadership activities and learning from guest speakers.