Partners in Preparation

A robust collaboration that makes a (huge) difference

The Department of Teaching contracts with schools all over the world, including 275 of the 327 school districts in Iowa. As a teacher education student, this means valuable hands-on experience as you observe, learn and teach in elementary through secondary education settings. 

Are you an administrator interested in becoming a contracted school district, or an in-service teacher willing to serve as a cooperating teacher? Contact to verify that UNI has a contract with a school. If no agreement exists, we can start the processing of creating a contract, which usually takes 30 to 60 days. 


The level of your support is unique and part of the lifeblood of this institution and our teacher education program.

Colleen Mulholland, EdD
Dean, UNI College of Education

An Extraordinary Effort 

The majority of experiences Teacher Education students engage in are coordinated and supervised by the Department of Teaching. We don’t do it alone. About 1,000 mentor teachers assist the Department of Teaching annually with an average each semester of: 

  • 247 Level 1 placements
  • 230 Level 2 placements
  • 450 to 500 student teaching placements (reflecting two eight-week placements each term) 

The numbers are extraordinary, though not surprising, for one of the largest bachelor’s degree programs in teacher education in the nation. What makes it possible is the willing collaboration we rely upon with you, our contracted school districts and individual practicing teachers.