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Department of Teaching

Welcome from Dr. Terri Lasswell, Department Head

The Department of Teaching at the University of Northern Iowa provides premier preparation of new teachers, including powerful clinical courses; intensive and extensive experiences in partner schools across the state, nation, and world; and a collaborative model of joint inquiry, supervision and support by outstanding mentor teachers and UNI faculty. In addition, the Department provides courses, workshops, professional development, and other outreach to practicing teachers and participates in the learning communities of schools whenever possible.

The Department of Teaching values the art, science and craft of teaching. Our department includes more than forty faculty, the vast majority of whom are tenured/tenure-track faculty, who:

• teach clinical courses and associated early field experiences in a university-wide teacher education program
• teach student teaching seminars and provide supervision in ten student teaching centers across the state of Iowa as well as an out-of-state/international center
• teach the Human Relations course required by the teacher education program
• teach graduate courses and workshops offered as professional development for teachers
• collaborate with mentor teachers, site coordinators, administrators and other school leaders to build mutually-beneficial school-university partnerships
• study and advance the scholarship of teaching and learning and strive to improve PreK-12 student achievement

Teacher Education has a rich future and the Department of Teaching faculty are constantly reading, experimenting, and interacting with state and national education experts at conferences, seminars and are themselves attending and presenting at these workshops and forms to keep current and be on the “cutting edge” of the best strategies and techniques to be sure University of Northern Iowa Teacher Education graduates are the best  educated and experienced individuals upon graduation and ready to take positions in school settings in Iowa and around the US and in some cases International schools.  Our graduate have distinguished themselves by becoming “Teacher Leaders” in schools, where in addition to being the classroom instructors they are mentoring other teachers in the profession of teaching and learning.

Dr. Terri Lasswell

Schindler Education Center 153

(319) 273-7007