Forrest Estrem

Forrest Estrem recreation tourism nonprofit leadership
Major/Job Title:
Recreation, Tourism, and Nonprofit Leadership, Parks and Recreation
Johnston, IA
Class Year:

Forrest Estrem

Why did you choose this degree -- and to pursue this degree at UNI?
Through COVID-19, I began to enjoy getting outside to the parks around me and I want to be able to create those same experiences for others.

What kind of path did you take to achieve your degree?
I discovered my passion after trying other paths in college.

If you had an internship/practicum/field experience, describe your experience and how it has prepared you for your career.
I have been interning at the Cedar Valley Sportsplex with the recreation specialist and I think this has helped me to guide myself to understand things hands-on. I have learned so much about how to program for youth sports and all that goes into it.

What does completing your degree mean to you?
Completing my degree means so many more opportunities are now available. 

What challenges did you face as you worked toward this degree – and how did you overcome them?
I constantly didn't know what I wanted to do and stuck with RTNL. I can now see myself at the end of the process being glad that I finished.

How did UNI help you achieve your goals?
They gave many different opportunities to choose from.

We often say UNI is student focused; a place where professors care--and teach; a place where learning happens in and out of the classroom;  and is perfectly sized. How do any of these statements ring true for you?
I have two professors that really cared for me throughout my time at UNI. Heather Olsen and Chris Kowalski have been some of the biggest supporters throughout my time and have pushed me to keep going here at UNI.

What’s your best memory of your time at UNI?
My best memories have been every Tuesday night going to Chi Alpha and being able to do life with my friends.

What advice would you give to students considering UNI?
Get involved and don't be on the sidelines.

What do you plan to do with your degree?
I hope to get a job within parks and recreation around the Cedar Valley.