Rep. Kevin Koester


Kevin served 30 years as a school administrator in Ankeny. He is now a part-time consultant with Koester Construction and is executive director of Neveln Center in Ankeny. He is in his third term in the Iowa House, having served as chair of the Ethics Committee and now Government Oversight. Kevin served as president of the national Association of Community Education in 2004. His leadership record demonstrates diverse and meaningful commitments to his community. He has been elected as board officer of numerous agencies, including Iowa Dollars for Scholars, Ankeny School District Foundation, Ankeny Substance Abuse Project, EFR, United Way and Ankeny Chamber of Commerce where he was selected 2003 Citizen of the Year. Kevin is a lifelong Iowan and an alumnus of the University of Iowa as a math educator. His wife, Linda, teaches psychology at DMACC. Kevin and Linda have three grown children.