Dr. Clayton Wilcox



Clayton has served as superintendent of schools in Washington County, Maryland, since July of 2012. Washington County Public Schools serve more than 22,000 students in western Maryland. Prior to this role, he served as senior vice president for education and corporate relations at Scholastic Inc. where he had a major impact on the corporation and its decision-making on education matters. He assisted the Scholastic Education Group in building top-down relationships with state and district leaders, led an effort to troubleshoot and re-energize implementation efforts in key accounts and worked with the education field sales staff to develop a deeper understanding of the school market and the challenges faced by state and district leadership. In addition, Clayton provided support and guidance to the School and Classroom Library Group, Scholastic Book Clubs, Book Fairs and the International Center for Leadership in Education. He has also served as superintendent of schools in Pinellas County, Fla., the 23rd-largest district in the nation, and East Baton Rouge, La., where he led the district to unprecedented growth in student performance and release from the nation’s largest and longest-running desegregation case. Clayton earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UNI and his Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.