Dr. Roark Horn




Roark is the chief administrator at AEA 267. He began his career in education in 1982 as a high school English teacher in the Jesup School system. Upon completion of a specialist in principalship certification program at UNI, he became principal of Jesup High School in 1999, where he served for three years. During that time, he completed the specialist in superintendency program at UNI and became the superintendent at Northeast Hamilton in 2002. Roark was in that position for five years, after which he became the superintendent at Hudson Community Schools. While at Hudson, he was admitted to the doctoral program at UNI. In 2010, Roark became the chief administrator at AEA 267 and earned his doctorate from UNI in 2011. He has continuously served on a variety of UNI advisory committees, including the Educational Leadership Advisory Committee and the Student Teaching Advisory Committee.