UNI Teacher Education Program

Undergraduate Teaching Majors

Early/Elementary/Middle Level Teaching Majors

The College of Education provides majors, minors and endorsements for early childhood education and elementary education, along with a dual major option in middle level education. It also coordinates all teacher education field experiences throughout your undergraduate years, leading to student teaching. The Office of Teacher Education, which supports all UNI teacher education program students, is located in the COE's Schindler Education Center. 

Early Childhood Education Teaching (Birth-Grade 3)

Elementary Education Teaching (K-6)

Middle Level (5-8) Education Dual with Elementary Education Teaching (K-6)

Middle/Secondary Level Teaching Majors

You can earn your degrees for secondary education (including dual majors with middle level education) through the College of Business Administration (CBA), College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (CHAS) and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS). You will take a professional core sequence of courses from the College of Education while completing your coursework and degree in the college offering your primary subject matter. 

Biology Teaching (5-12) (CHAS)

Business Teaching (5-12) (CBA)

Chemistry Teaching (5-12) (CHAS)

Communication-Theatre Teaching (5-12) (CHAS) 

Science Education: Secondary Comprehensive or All Sciences (5-12) (CHAS)

Earth Science  Teaching (5-12) (CHAS)

English Teaching (5-12) (CHAS) 

History Teaching (5-12) (CSBS) 

Mathematics Teaching  (5-12) (CHAS) 

Middle Level (5-8) Dual Major with Secondary Education Teaching (5-12) 

Music Education Teaching (K-6, 7-12) (CHAS)

Physics Teaching (5-12) (CHAS) 

Science Education-Middle/Junior High (5-8) (CHAS) 

Social Science Teaching A -- Specialist  (5-12) (CSBS)

Social Science Teaching B -- Generalist  (5-12) (CSBS)

Spanish Teaching (5-12) (CHAS) 

Technology and Engineering Education Teaching (5-12) (CHAS) 

All Levels

Art Education Teaching (K-12) (CHAS)

Music Education (K-6, 7-12) (CHAS) 

Physical Education Teaching (K-12) (COE)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12) (CHAS) 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Spanish (K-12) (CHAS) 


Undergraduate Teaching Minors 

Basic Science Teaching (K-8)

Biology Teaching  (5-12)


Communication-Theatre Teaching  (5-12)

Early Childhood Education (Birth to Grade 3 Inclusive) 

Earth Science Teaching (5-12)

English Teaching (5-12)

Health Education (K-12)

Literacy Education: Reading (K-8 and 5-12)

Mathematics Teaching (K-8 and 5-12)

Social Studies Teaching (K-8)

Spanish Teaching (5-12)

Special Education

Early Childhood (PreK-K)

Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate (K-8)

Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate (5-12)

Instructional Strategist II: Intellectual Disabilities (K-12)

STEM (K-8 and 5-8)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (K-12)

Technology Education (5-12)

Additional Endorsements

All social studies, all science, American government, American history, anthropology, art, basic science, athletic coach, early childhood education, early childhood special education, economics, English/language arts, French, geography, mathematics, psychology, sociology, talented and gifted, work experience coordinator, world history. 


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