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Time Management for Department Chairs by Christian K. Hansen, 2011


In this concise, highly practical book, Christian Hansen draws on his years of research on time management for department chairs. He shows department chairs how to set priorities, create a time budget and log, harness technology to assist in time management, and make self-care a priority. As a handy paperback, this book is designed to be an easy-to-access resource that will not only make department chairs’ jobs easier but will also help them to manage stress and prevent burnout.

The leadership team read this book as a part of the two-day Summer Retreat.  Each person was assigned a chapter and was asked to determine discussion points that would engage us in understanding the practical applications of the chapter.  One of the chapters that I enjoyed focused on making sure that we as leaders do not waste faculty time.  The author asked us to calculate the amount of resources used per meeting if we were to estimate that on the average each faculty member’s time costs about $50.00 an hour.  This was sobering news and from this information we vowed to make sure that the meetings we have are purposeful and engaging.  Another critical chapter focused on how to organize the work space for optimal utility.  The author walked the reader through suggestions on filing electronic and hard copy items as well as how to eliminate excess clutter.  Several members of the leadership team embraced this chapter and challenged themselves to do something differently in order to maximize their efficiency.