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Technology Incentive Grant

Deadline: Friday October 4, 2013

If interested, please complete the Request for Proposal Form.

About the grant:

Stipend: $500 (20 Awards Available)

The College of Education (COE) is pleased to announce the availability of 20 awards for faculty members interested in updating an existing course into a more 21st Century Learning, technology-enriched format. Applies to Face-to-face and Online courses.



Faculty members will:

1. Engage in 20 hours of professional development about 21st Century Learning and Teaching. This will include workshops, site visits, online interactions, and face-to-face meetings.

2. Work with the Technology Integration Specialist to integrate 21st Century Strategies (including TPACK) into existing courses.



In an effort to encourage and stimulate active 21st Century Learning and Teaching, this incentive award is designed to support our faculty as they integrate new learning strategies into their courses. This award will require faculty to engage in professional development on 21st Century Learning and Teaching strategies and then upgrade a specific course based upon these methods.  These methods will involve integrating technology to support learning.



Faculty members will update an existing course to integrate 21st Century Learning and Teaching Strategies. This transformation will be reflected in their course syllabus and the selection of learning activities involved in the course. This course should be robust with technology integration.

Faculty members are invited to submit a proposal by: Friday October 4, 2013.


Course Development Stipend:

The stipend for full-time UNI faculty for upgrading a course is $500. The stipend will be paid one time only for a given course. Payment of this stipend will be made upon completion of 20 hours of professional development and submission of plans for upgrading the 21st Century-Enhanced course. Payment will be made in May, 2014. 



Farah Kashef,
Technology Integration Specialist, COE/ITS
Phone: 319-273-7766