Student Teaching

Welcome to Student Teaching at UNI, where we've been preparing and graduating teachers for over 150 years. Every year we help over 500 students with teaching majors from many of UNI's academic departments find placements for their student teaching experience.  Students at UNI teach for 16 weeks in two separate placements during student teaching. 

The Department of Teaching in the UNI College of Education originally provided student teaching placements in Iowa, but have expanded beyond to other states and other countries. We ensure that UNI students have high quality, personalized supervision in their student teaching. We find school placements where teachers exhibit best practice. In this way, we know our students graduate as teachers who are competent in content skills, classroom management, and knowledge of individual student learning needs. The excellence of our placements and supervision occurs through our close links to Iowa schools districts developed by the Student Teaching Coordinators situated in Iowa's ten student teaching centers.

Student Teaching Centers

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