School Partners

School Partners Around the World - Level Three and Student Teaching

The UNI Department of Teaching proudly partners and has contracts with schools all over the world for Levels One through Four field experiences.

Here is the current School Contract List. If you do not see a school listed, please contact to verify that UNI has a contract with a school or start of the process of creating a contract. The process of creating a contract with a new school may take 30-60 days.


Cedar Valley School Partners - Level One through Student Teaching

Most of the early field experiences occur in the Cedar Valley Schools. Below you will find contact information for Cedar Valley Schools. Included information may be local school Site coordinators, Principals, UNI Student Teaching Coordinators and Level 1/Level 2 Field Experience Coordinators associated with the listed school. The same information is accessible via the Cedar Valley School Map or the spreadsheet below the map. UNI faculty can access current placements.

 Cedar Valley Partner School and Contact Information    Cedar Valley School Map