Level I Field Experiences



Course Number: 200:017
Course Title: Exploring Teaching
Requisites: Co-requisite of 200:030 Dynamics of Human Development


Total field experience: 30 hours
3 hours per week in the classroom


The purpose of the field experience is to help the students familiarize themselves with the roles, responsibilities, and professional relationships of teachers. This is the first of a graduated series of field-based experiences. The focus is on experiences common to all teachers, not on methodology or specific content areas. It is through this experience that the students come to understand more realistically the demands of teaching, and whether their abilities, needs and interests are consistent with the profession.


The student will:

  • Identify the many roles, responsibilities, and relationships in which the teacher is involved.
  • Gain experience that will help affirm (or in some cases, dispute) their intention of becoming a teacher.
  • Explore the grade level and/or subject area(s) which have been selected from a teacher's point of view.
  • Interact with children and youth of varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to the extent that the available populations allow.
  • Apply the concepts and principles learned in 200:030 which are related to how children grow, develop, and learn.
  • Evaluation 200:017 is "ungraded" (credit/no credit)
  • Written evaluation by classroom teacher to 200:030 Instructor.