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About the Program

UNI's Out-of-State and International Student Teaching Program strives to provide cross cultural experiences in teaching and learning during student teaching.  UNI has established a variety of partnership around the world encouraging student teachers to develop diverse perspectives on teaching while experiencing personal and professional growth.  All teaching is done in English unless otherwise requested.  Student teachers work closely with their university supervisor as well as with an on-site mentor.

A World of Opportunities

UNI has developed partnerships in international locations, urban settings, Native American Reservations, and other unique school school settings.  Please explore the links on this page to learn more about specific locations.


Expenses are unique to each site.  In general, student teachers are responsible for university tuition, airfare, living expenses, liability insurance, travel visas, vaccinations and other necessary documents for travel.  As a rule of thumb, developing nations are significantly less expensive than developed nations.

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Carrie Elser

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