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Information for Site Coordinators

Information for Site Coordinators

UNI is proud to partner with the Cedar Falls and Waterloo Community School Districts to identify, create, and maintain a network of outstanding teacher leaders who are also willing to serve as a UNI Site Coordinator at their school. Our Site Coordinators are a critical part of our  efforts to improve and enhance our school-university communication and collaboration and to maximize the mutual benefit of field experiences.




1.  Assist with recruitment of mentor teachers for field experiences at Levels 1, 2 and 3.


2.  Serve as a point of contact for other placement requests from other departments within the College of Education.


3. Coordinate and lead an orientation event at the start of each semester for field experience students.


4. Act as a liaison between mentor teachers, field experience coordinators and UNI students where deemed appropriate and necessary.


5. Assist field experience coordinators with collecting mid-term and/or final evaluations, surveys or other information


Principals in partner schools are asked to identify a teacher who: 1) is respected by the the teachers in the school as an outstanding educator and leader and 2) is trusted by the principal to act as his/her designee. Site Coordinators are the face of UNI Teacher Education on the ground in the schools and work closely with the Field Experience Coordinator and other Teacher Education faculty members.