How to Apply for Non-UNI Students

How do I submit my application?  
SUBMIT all application materials in one email to  
The subject line of the email should read "STUDENT TEACHING APPLICATION, your name, student teaching semester" 
For example: 

The email should contain the following documents:
1. A letter of eligibility from the director of student teaching at your home university


2. Non-UNI Student teaching Applicationnon-uni_app..doc

Download File


3. Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Documentwaiver_of_liability_hold_harmless_agreement.doc

Download File


4. Alternative Placement Policyalternative_placement_policy.docx

Download File


Create a Webpage which contains the following items:(suggested web designers include Google, Weebly, Wix) 

Student Teaching Application
Professional looking photo of yourself
Brief personal introduction
Teaching philosophy
copy of results from criminal background check (can be federal or state approved) 


2 recommendation forms (from professors and/or employers)letter_of_rec_form.pdf

Download File


MAIL your deposit check, payable to University of Northern Iowa to:
Out-of-State & International Student Teaching Office
University of Northern Iowa
SEC 509
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0617
(* if your university has agreed to pay your deposit, you should indicate that in an email to


When is my application due? 
Applications are due January 30 for FALL placements
Application are due September 30 for SPRING placements


What are the application fees?
$1,500 for a half semester placement*
(includes $750 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application and the remaining $750 is due once the placement has secured)

$2,000 for a full semester placement*
(includes $750 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application and the remaining $1250 is due once the placement has been secured).
* Full payment must be received prior to your first day of student teaching

What other costs will I need to consider?
Other expenses include (but are not limited to...) 
transportation to and from the location
transportation to and from school every day
Liability Insurance
We are unable to give an exact amount of what each location will cost because placements are all individually based. Please note that European countries and more developed nations can be very expensive.  Less developed nations are typically a lot more economically feasible than more developed nations.  

How will I know if I am accepted?
A UNI coordinator will email or call you when all your application is complete.  This is usually within two weeks after the application due date. 

What happens after I am accepted?
Once you are accepted into the International and Out-of-State Student Teaching Program you will be interviewed by a Placement Coordinator to discuss the details of your placement request. At this time you will be expected to prioritize and confirm three separate locations that you wish to be placed in.  Please give special consideration to partnership locations (see Locations tab).  After the Placement Interview your Placement Coordinator will begin contacting schools.
NOTE- Your UNI coordinator will not begin contacting schools until all application materials and deposit are received.  

Upon Placement Completion
Once your placement details have been finalized you need to schedule a telephone or Skype Exit Interview with your UNI coordinator.  Please e-mail them a copy of the completed Exit Interview Form.

 Exit Interview Form