Melanie Hill, M.A.

Des Moines Student Teaching Coordinator and Instructor, Teaching
(319) 273-2202

What attracted you to UNI? As an undergrad, UNI well equipped me with the tools needed to enter the field of education. In addition to being a UNI grad, I served as a mentor teacher for UNI education students. UNI education students show remarkable areas of strength. I wanted to be part of the great preparation in UNI's program.

Describe an experience that reinforces why you enjoy what you do: The excitement and passion I see in aspiring educators reclaims my love for education. The students are so excited about teaching and learning with students, and I get to help them achieve their goal.

What is your teaching philosophy? I value a student-centered, growth mindset learning approach. Students should be in a learning environment where they are captivated by their own thinking, and challenged be the thinking of others. True understanding evolves when students are able to be metacognitive in the learning!

What do you hope students learn from you? As my students are immersed in the field of education, I want them to know that education is transformational. I want my students to walk away from student teaching with the resilience to embrace each day as a challenge to tackle goals and celebrate successes, no matter how large or small. I want my students to be prepared to embark on a journey of humility as they continuously self-reflect and grow in their teaching craft.

Areas of Expertise: 

Educational Consultant: Cedar Valley Catholic Schools
Classroom Teacher (Grades 2,3,4,5): North Polk Schools
Classroom Teacher (Grade 4): Des Moines Public Schools
Classroom Teacher (Grade 4 and 5): Cedar Valley Catholic Schools


B.A., University of Northern Iowa, elementary education and middle level
M.A., Viterbo University, education, reading endorsement