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The Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions (4th edition) by Peter Seldin, J. Elizabeth Miller, and Clement Seldin (2010), San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


The members of the Leadership Team chose this book as their summer read in anticipation of Dr. Seldin's presentation on Aug. 22. As we read the text, we discussed how the teaching portfolio could be used as an evaluation tool for merit since the student evaluations could no longer be used. The text provided two types of portfolios -- one was for tenure and promotion or personnel decisions and the other was for improving performance. It was decided that evaluation for merit was a combination of both personnel decision and performance; therefore, criteria for both types of portfolios should be taken into consideration.

The Leadership Team reviewed the entries for both types of portfolios and discussed each entry in relation to the types of artifacts that were currently collected from faculty members for merit purposes. From the review, the most relevant criteria was determined. This list is captured below and the department chairs are committed to using this list to craft requirements for merit evaluation.

Portfolio entries will include:

Teaching Responsibilities/Expectations
Teaching Contributions to the Department
Teaching Philosophy and Methodology
Review of Teaching Materials
Review of Syllabi
Evidence of Student Learning
New Instructional Initiatives
Teaching Awards and Goals

We will continue to discuss merit-based evaluations throughout the year, and we found Seldin's book helpful in our discernment. I encourage you all to read this book in order understand the nuances of the portfolio entries.