Shine On Inc. at UNI

Faculty Advisor Mandy Masmar (
President Cheyanne Chapin (
Vice-President Ashley Bodkin (
Treasurer Sonja Christensen (
Secretary None assigned

Shine On, Inc. at UNI is a branch of the Iowa-based nonprofit Shine On, Inc. Through programs provided, individuals with and without labeled disabilities are given opportunities to perform, create, and experience the arts together, with the help of  volunteers UNI students. UNI students are paired with children K-12, with and without labeled disabilities. We dance weekly together and at different events within the community. We strive to be all-INclusive so that no one is EXcluded. We want everyone to be able to be in a space where they can learn and grow from each other. So much beauty comes from interacting with people who are different than you. We are working to create a world that focuses more on character and heart rather than on surface level attributes.