Closest to Ten


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Value of Playing Closest to 10:

Level: Grades K-2

Recommended # of Players: 2-4

Materials: One set of Closest to Ten cards, cubes or counters and a pot to store them in.

Math Skills: Addition and Subtraction

Mathematical benefits

Closest to 10 is a game that asks students to construct numbers and then compare them to 10.  Students are given  3 cards, and asked to use only 2 of them  to create a number closest to 10.  In order to be successful, students must be able to create relationships among these cards that are as close as possible to the number 10. This requires them to consider both addition and subtraction equations among all 3 of their cards.  Students begin to evaluate their choices and choose carefully.  Students begin to draw conclusions about numbers and learn, for example, that with numbers that are larger than 10, subtraction is most beneficial.  Cardinal numbers are written on each of the numbers, asking students to think about place value.  They can not simply count objects but instead must make the leap to thinking about the representation of numbers.


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