Add Up to 10 Bingo

- This game is easy to take home!


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Value of Playing Add Up to ___ Bingo:

Level: Grades 1-3

Recommended # of Players: 2-5, can also be played with whole class.

Materials: game boards (one per player); transparent or semi-transparent chips (to cover numbers on game boards so that numbers can be seen through the chips); triangle cards (the sum is always written on the top in red)

Math Skills: Missing addends (to 12)

Mathematical benefits

Number Sense with Missing Addends: The Add Up To __ Bingo family of games is a simple and fun way to encourage students to think about the relationships among numbers and operations.  This game is designed so that students are looking for a missing addend, (6+__=10) which invites reasoning about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.  Over time, this game has the potential to help students mentally manipulate numbers, increasing their mathematical fluency and developing a strong foundation of number sense.

Spatial Reasoning: The game provides an added benefit of asking students to think spatially – not only considering their horizontal and vertical options, but also the diagonal.  Often, students are being asked to consider multiple options at once.  They must begin to reason about which space will be most beneficial to them and where are they most likely to achieve 5 in a row.  Advanced thinkers will begin to consider probability as the stack of possible numbers diminishes.  They will begin to realize that if there are only two 4’s and if both have been played, waiting for a 4 to complete their row is not strategically wise.  As a challenge to these students, a dice with the target number of sides can be substituted for the triangle cards.

Social Benefits: All students are able to be actively engaged throughout the game.  As each card is shown, each student must either find or defend the solution and then place a chip on their board.  There is little “down time” when a student is waiting to participate.


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