Centers, Institutes and Programs

We're providing service to the state and beyond

In addition to providing a spectrum of regular degree programs, the College of Education currently sponsors or co-sponsors a number of special enrichment and outreach programs with direct impact on local, state, and national communities.

List of Centers, Institutes and Programs


Alternative Teacher Licensure 

Iowa Teacher Intern License Pathway (ITILP)   


Minorities in the Leadership of Education (MILE)

The Multicultural Initiatives in Teaching (MIT) 

Institute for Religion and Education 


Iowa Teacher Quality Partnership (ITQP)

Center for Educational Transformation


Educational Psychology

Operation Educate the Educators



Center for Disability Studies in Literacy, Language and Learning

Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy 

Reading Clinic

Reading Recovery Center of Iowa

Regents Center for Early Developmental Education

UNI Child Development Center (CDC)



Camp Adventure Youth Services



Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL)

Institute for Youth Leaders

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Center for Early Education in Science, Technology, Sustainable Tourism Environment Program (STEP)


Physical Education and Health

Iowa Center on Health Disparities (ICHD)

Just for Kicks


National Program of Playground Safety (NPPS)

Youth Fitness & Obesity Institute



Engineering and Mathematics (CEESTEM)

Freeburg Center

Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC)