Graduate Assistantships


Position Title:

2021-2022 Graduate Assistantship for Research, Teaching, and/or Service in the Department of Special Education


Reports to: Faculty member(s) to be assigned

Terms of Employment:

  • For the fall semester: 20 hours per week, beginning August 23, 2021 and ending December 17, 2021. Does not include the week of Thanksgiving Break.

  • For the spring semester: 20 hours per week, beginning January 10, 2022 and ending May 6, 2022. Does not include the week of Spring Break.


  • Full MAE assistantship salary for 2021-2022 is $5,395 per semester 

  • Half MAE assistantship salary for 2021-2022 is $2,697.50 per semester

  • Salary will be prorated weekly for late start.

  • Graduate Assistants may qualify for in-state tuition and fees.

  • Graduate Assistants receive University holidays and do not work during Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, or the interims between semesters.

  • For more information on the Graduate Assistantship System and procedures:

  • FAQ on Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Tuition Scholarships:

  • Applications for Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Tuition Scholarship:


Position Descriptions


Research Assistant:

As part of your responsibilities, you may be assigned to assist with faculty and Departmental research. Your duties may include:

  • Attending team meetings,
  • writing abstracts for conferences,
  • doing literature searches,
  • writing literature reviews or other parts of manuscripts,
  • designing research,
  • collecting data,
  • analyzing data,
  • identifying appropriate archival materials,
  • finding data or other information online,
  • presenting data (in written or oral form),
  • selecting measures,
  • overseeing undergraduate research assistants,
  • coordinating team meetings and activities,
  • designing websites and online materials related to research,
  • conducting field research activities off campus,
  • acting as a liaison between department and other organizations,
  • coordinating and applying for funding for conferences,
  • helping to write grant applications,
  • organizing and maintaining folders or drives that house articles, data, write-ups, etc.,
  • monitoring and maintaining equipment and materials,
  • completing IRB forms and maintaining and managing regulatory compliance,
  • coding data or articles for meta-analyses,
  • making instructional videos,
  • recruiting participants,
  • completing CITI Training,
  • conducting interviews,
  • responding to participant inquiries,
  • helping to implement an action research project.

Teaching Assistant:

As part of your responsibilities, you may be assigned to help with a class or classes taught in the Department of Special Education. Your duties may include:

  • attending class sessions and taking notes,
  • reading for class,
  • meeting with the professor on a regular basis,
  • submitting exam questions,
  • grading homework and in-class assignments,
  • entering grades and maintaining a grade book,
  • preparing study guides,
  • leading study sessions,
  • proctoring tests,
  • grading tests,
  • meeting with students during office hours or as arranged,
  • e-mailing students and responding to their e-mails,
  • helping students with special needs (e.g., reading test to students with visual impairments or recording answers for someone with a motor disability),
  • entering, analyzing and presenting data for class projects,
  • helping with in-class and lab activities,
  • teaching class (no more than the total equivalent of one week of class per semester),
  • giving a lecture or doing a demonstration for feedback,
  • assisting with development of class materials,
  • leading or participating in class discussions,
  • acting as a “peer reviewer” for students writing papers,
  • commenting on papers graded by the instructor, and assigning your judgment of the grade,
  • acting as a role model during class,
  • acting as a resource for undergraduates interested in exploring the nature of graduate school,
  • providing feedback and comments on class presentations or other projects,
  • proofreading student papers,
  • updating announcements on the course website and/or eLearning,
  • supervising/monitoring student training,
  • assisting in course evaluation and revision.

Departmental Assistant:

As part of your responsibilities, you may be assigned various departmental service duties. Your duties may include:

  • Updating departmental website/social networks,
  • collecting relevant information online,
  • organizing files,
  • writing articles for departmental newsletter or other university publications,
  • taking and posting photos or videos,
  • helping to create boards and other materials related to departmental programs,
  • representing the department at campus and other events,
  • helping with schedules and meetings for visiting professors, job candidates, and prospective students,
  • helping with various college events,
  • helping with faculty assessments,
  • collecting and analyzing information for accreditation, assessment, and internal reports,



  • Must be a full-time, degree-seeking student in a UNI graduate program

  • Must be enrolled in 9 graduate-level credit hours. 

  • Maintain a UNI and cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.00. A newly admitted graduate student must have at least a 3.00 GPA for undergraduate or previous graduate work of at least 8 graded credit hours.

  • BA degree in special education or related field preferred

  • Must have completed the SING background check through the Office of Teacher Education prior to assuming any supervisory duties in PK-12 classrooms. The cost of this background check is $20. See instructions at:


Application Process and Deadline:

To apply, email the completed Application Form for Graduate Assistantship and/or Graduate Tuition Scholarship (available at under Forms) to Sandy Crain, Secretary III, Department of Special Education, at  

Applications received by March 1, 2021 will be given preferential consideration.