Chris Kliewer, Ph.D.

(319) 273-7185
Areas of Expertise: 
  • Early childhood inclusive education
  • Literacy development in young children with and without disabilities
  • Qualitative research
  • Ethnographic research
Research Interests: 
  • Co-Director UNI Center for Disability Studies in Literacy, Language, & Learning
  • Participating in several projects related to the literacy and communication development of students with significant developmental disabilities
  • Inclusive education
  • Family advocacy
Selected Publications: 
  • Kliewer, C., Biklen, D., & Petersen, A. J. (2015). At the end of intellectual disability. Harvard Educational Review, 85, 1-28.
  • Kliewer, C. (September, 2013). Helping children with disabilities develop language and literacy. ExpertBeacon (
  • Kliewer, C. (2008). Seeing all kids as readers: A new vision for literacy in the inclusive early childhood classroom. Baltimore, MD: Brookes.
  • Kliewer, C. (2008). Joining the flow: Fostering written language learning in young children with significant developmental disabilities through the four currents of literacy. Research & Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities.
  • Kliewer, C., & Biklen, D. (2007). Enacting literacy: Local understanding, significant disability, & a new frame for educational opportunity. Teachers College Record, 109, 2579-2600.
  • Kliewer, C., Biklen, D., Kasa-Hendrickson, C. (2006). Who may be literate? Disability and resistance to the cultural denial of competence. American Educational Research Journal, 43, 163-192.
  • BS Elementary Education, Iowa State University
  • MA Special Education, Syracuse University
  • Ph.D. Teaching and Leadership, Syracuse University