Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders

Reading Recovery teacher leaders have a complex role.  They provide initial training and ongoing professional development for Reading Recovery teachers, monitor the progress of children throughout the site, collect data, disseminate information, and support the development of school teams.  The teacher leaders work closely with district administrators to achieve effective implementation, operation, and evaluation.  They also work with individual students and participate in the Reading Recovery network to maintain their own professional development.


Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Preparation Program

The Reading Recovery Teacher Leader (RRTL) program is intended for practicing educators whose school districts or AEAs apply for admission to the Reading Recovery Center of Iowa's RRTL program and who seek to be the RRTL in his/her school district or AEA.  Candidates must have a master's degree in literacy or a related field and be accepted to the program.

During the preparation year, RRTL-in-training take courses over the course of a full academic year, beginning with the fall semester.  The program includes 18 hours of UNI graduate-credit coursework.  Courses include the following:


LITED 7304  Reading Recovery Teacher Leadership I (3 hrs.)

LITED 7307  Reading Recovery Theories of Reading and Writing (3 hrs.)

LITED 7302  Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Clinical I (3 hrs.)


LITED 7306  Reading Recovery Theories of Reading Difficulties (3 hrs.)

LITED 7305  Reading Recovery Teacher Leadership II (3 hrs.)

LITED 7303  Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Clinical II (3 hrs.)

Coursework generally consists of readings that are directly related to the implementation of Reading Recovery, small-group discussion of the readings, observation of Reading Recovery lessons and Reading Recovery teacher classes, planning for implementation, and reflection on implementation.  These tasks are accomplished not only during the on-campus class meetings but also through online and field activities that occur outside of on-campus meetings.  In their schools during the preparation year, RRTLs teach four Reading Recovery children daily, and observe and practice leading Reading Recovery teacher preparation classes.


Tuition: $175/graduate credit hour for 18 hours - $3,150
Training Fees: $6,850
*Training fees cover professional and instructional books, materials and supplies, site visits, professional development allowance, and other costs associated with the program.
TOTAL: $10,000


I want to become a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

To learn more about teacher leader and site requirements and to apply for the Reading Recovery Teacher leader preparation program, go to the following webpage: