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Teacher Orientation Guides

These guides are intended to be given to field experience students during the first day they arrive in class or perhaps at your school's orientation for field experience students. Orientation guides can provide field experience students with a welcoming statement, the requirements for the field experience, an overview of your expectations as a mentoring teacher, descriptions of the classroom procedures, and your philosophy as a mentoring teacher. As you will see in the examples below, they may be as brief as one side of a page. Regardless of length, most teachers agree they are a handy tool for communicating expectations to field experience students, especially when your time for conferencing is very limited.

>> McKinstry Template Part I (Download )
>> McKinstry Template Part II (Download )
>> Irving Elementary Template (Download)
>> Edison Elementary Template (Download)
>> Orchard Hill Elementary Template (Download)
>> Poyner Elementary Template (Download)

Early Childhood
>> McKinstry Elementary Early Childhood Part I ( Download )
>> McKinstry Elementary Early Childhood Part II ( Download )
>> McKinstry Elementary Early Childhood Part III ( Download )

First Grade
>> Poyner Elemendary First Grade ( Download )

Second Grade
>>Hansen Elementary Second Grade Level II (Download)
>>Poyner Elementary Second Grade Level II (Download)

Fourth Grade
>> Hansen Elementary Fourth Grade (Download)
>> Price Laboratory Fourth Grade (Download)

Secondary School
>> Price Laboratory School English (Download)
>> Price Laboratory School Business (Download)
>> Price Laboratory Physical Education (Download)
>> Central Middle School 6th-8th Grade Talented and Gifted (Download)
>> Logan Middle School 6th Grade Language Arts (Download)
>> Logan Middle School 6th-8th Grade Physical Education (Download)
>> Cedar Falls High School Mathematics(Download)