Governing Board
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The following description is from the current draft of the PDS Articulation Agreement

Purpose and Role of the Governance Board:

The activities of the Cedar Falls/Waterloo/UNI Professional Development School will be overseen by a Governance Board, consisting of representatives from the three partner institutions and their communities. The purpose of the Governance Board is to oversee and set directions for the professional development school. The activities of the Governance Board will include but not be limited to:

  1. Overseeing the creation of an articulation agreement, including but not limited to a vision statement, mission statement, and roles and responsibilities, as well as ongoing statements of policies and procedures as needed.
  2. Guiding the work of the PDS Director.
  3. Setting direction and priorities for the PDS and evaluating progress.
  4. Meeting monthly to review progress, coordinate activities, and share updates.
  5. Making recommendations about PDS resource allocations
  6. Facilitating ongoing communication with all stakeholders
  7. Reporting to institutional governing bodies such as but not limited to the respective school boards and the UNI Council on Teacher Education.
  8. Reviewing and revising, as determined appropriate, the articulation agreement on an annual basis.
PDS Governing Board Membership 2009-2010

Waterloo Community School District
Gary Norris, Superintendent
Linda Garlinghouse, Elementary Curriculum Director
Debbie Lee, Secondary Curriculum Director

Cedar Falls Community School District
David Stoakes, Superintendent
Dan Conrad, Director of Secondary Education
Cindi McDonald, Director of Elementary Education
Rich Powers, Principal of Cedar Falls High School

AEA 267

Becky Wilson Hawbaker, PDS Director
Melissa Heston, Director of Teacher Education
Bill Callahan, Dean of the College of Education
Joel Haack, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences
Nadene Davidson, Head of the Department of Teaching
Rick Traw, Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Literacy PDS