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Initial Meetings - August 20th 2007
         Soon after the pilot was approved, a series of meetings were held between representatives of UNI, Cedar Falls Community Schools, and Waterloo Community Schools.  (See below for list of representatives.)  One of the first tasks of this group was to begin involving the initial participants in the pilot.   These participants include teachers from two Cedar Falls schools; Cedar Falls High School (Dr. Rich Powers, Principal) and Hansen Elementary (Dr. Tony Reid, Principal); and teachers from two Waterloo schools; Central Middle (Marla Padget, Principal) and Edison (Bruce Potter, Principal).  They also include UNI students from Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk’s 200:030 class for the Level I experience and from Dr. John Henning’s 200:148 class for the Level II experience.  These UNI students are currently being placed in Level I and Level II field experiences in the four schools named above.

UNI Representatives
Dr. William Callahan, Dean of the College of Education
Dr. John Henning, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology and
Dr. Merrie Schroeder, Associate Director of Teacher Education
Dianna Briggs, Director of the Office of Student Field Experiences
Dave Smith, Director of the Price Laboratory School and Field Placements
Becky Hawbaker, Chair of the Teacher Education Faculty and Price
Laboratory School

Waterloo Representatives
Dr. DeWitt Jones, Superintendent of Waterloo Community Schools
Dr. Denise Schares, Professional Development
Dr. Debbie Lee, Coordinator Secondary Curriculum
Loleta Montgomery, Coordinator Elementary Curriculum

Cedar Falls Representatives
Dr. David Stoakes, Superintendent of Cedar Falls Community Schools
Cindi McDonald, Director of Elementary Education
Dr. Rich Powers, Principal, Cedar Falls High School