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PDS Director and Coordinator of Field Experiences
Becky Hawbaker
Price Laboratory School 116/114H
University of Northern Iowa
Phone  (319) 273-7664 (office)
Fax (319) 273-6457
Lead Supervisors
Daphne Schuchart
114 Price Laboratory School
University of Northern Iowa
Site Coordinators

Cedar Falls Community School District

School and Principal

PDS Site Coordinator(s)
[see below for description*]

Level 1 Supervisor(s)
[see below for description**]

Cedar Falls High School
Rich Powers


Judy Timmins

Mike Hansel


Kelvin Schuchart

Peet Junior High
Jason Wedgbury


Victor Ochoa (new Fall 2011)

Don Foth

Hansen Elementary
Tara Estep


Kristin Pease

Luke Wagner


Orchard Hill Elementary
Kim Cross


Monica Winkowitsch

Sue Gillett

Cedar Heights Elementary
Jon Wiebers

Merrilee Betts


Lynn Doyle

Southdale Elementary
Matt Brummond


Tammy Bronemann

Sara Goodwin


Lincoln Elementary School
Deb Beving


Jarith Witt

Trudy Olson

Holmes Junior High
Dave Welter

Lisa Johnson (new Fall 2011)


North Cedar Elementary
Jennifer Hartman



Waterloo Community School District

School and Principal

PDS Site Coordinator(s)

PDS Level 1 Supervisor(s)

East High School
Willie Barney

B.J. Meaney

Mike Allen

Central Middle School
Marla Padget

Audrey Kimball

Dave Nichols

Carver Middle School
Brad Schweppe

Chris Peck

Marcie Hagge

Edison Elementary
Melissa Steggall

Carrie White

JoAnn Welch

Poyner Elementary
Trista Manternach

Dawn Even

Jill Schnathorst Barta

Lynn Doyle

Lincoln Elementary
Stephanie Mohorne

Rick Traw

Rick Traw

Irving Elementary
Steve Thune

Neldrekka Whitaker


Kingsley Elementary
Susan Flodeen:

Mary Tiffany

Stacy Harmon


Lowell Elementary
Amber Dietz:

Linda Stevens


Hoover Middle School
Dan Cox:

Lesley Taylorson


West High School
Gail Moon

Heather Bentley Wagner


Cunningham Elementary
Liz Crowley



Kittrell Elementary
Audrey Wallican-Green



Orange Elementary
Teri Trask

Carol Boyce


Highland Elementary
Mary Jo Wagner

Kay Spratt


Lou Henry Elementary
Brian Ortman

Veronica Armstrong


Bunger Middle School
Andy Miehe

Karen Sproule


*Roles and Responsibilities of the Site Coordinator(s)
1.   Assist with recruiting mentor teachers for Level 1, 2, and 3 field experience
placements and serve as the contact person for other placement requests at the school.
2.   Assist with making appropriate placement matches and completing associated
3.   Coordinate and lead an orientation event for field experience students,
usually during the 3rd week of UNI classes.
4.   Act as a liaison between mentor teachers in the school and university faculty.
5.   Provide on-site problem-solving for all stakeholders (responsibilities,
requirements, concerns, scheduling conflicts).
6.   Conduct needs assessments of mentor teachers regarding professional
development, direction, or incentives.
7.   Assist with collecting evaluations, surveys, and other information from
      mentor teachers.
8.   Serve as contact person to coordinate initial requests for research (permission
to conduct research must be obtained through the Central Administration and the Institutional Review Board).

**Roles and Responsibilities of the Level 1 Supervisors:

  • Act as a liaison between the school and university, building a relationship of trust and support.
  • Provide mentor teachers with regular personal communication, support, information, and materials relevant to working with preservice teachers in field experiences.
  • Encourage active interactions and reflection by preservice teachers in the field experience
  • Communicate placement issues to the Coordinator of Field Placements and student concerns to the professor of record, follow up with student concerns at the request of the teacher, including observing, conferencing, and coaching.
  • Communicate school requests for professional development, technical assistance, or other needs to the Director of the PDS.