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         Welcome to the UNI PDS, an innovative partnership with the Cedar Falls and Waterloo community schools. Our PDS recognizes the intertwined nature of the missions of schools and the university and seeks to create a hybrid learning community to bring about our simultaneous renewal. Our PDS promotes exemplary teaching in both school and university settings, creates powerful professional development opportunities and new leadership roles for teachers and university faculty, and focuses on the improvement of PreK-12 student achievement.
UNI PDS to expand Site Coordination to all Cedar Falls and Waterloo public school by May 2012 - August 4th 2011
         UNI PDS Director Becky Hawbaker announced that the PDS Board has approved plans to expand Site Coordination to all Cedar Falls and Waterloo Schools by the end of the 2011-2012 academic year. We started with Site Coordinators in just four schools, and now we have Site Coordinators is all but four of the twenty-six schools, commented Hawbaker. Read more about the UNI Site Coordinator Network at:

Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy builds on UNI LEPDS - August 4th 2011

         An $11 million dollar gift by Richard O. Jacobson not only funds a new Center for Comprehensive Literacy, but also builds on the work of the UNI Literacy PDS

Professor-in-Residence model explored at Lincoln Elementary in Cedar Falls- August 4th 2011

         UNI Curriculum & Instruction professor Sarah Montgomery and her 24 UNI students spent the spring 2011 semester in-residence at Lincoln Elementary. Two UNI methods courses, one in literacy and one in social studies, were integrated and taught on-site at Lincoln. Montgomery worked closely with Lincoln teachers and administrators to create assignments for her students that reinforced school improvement goals and strategies and resulted in new experiences for Lincoln students in creating podcasts and graphic novels. Read more at: