UNI Teacher Education Admits 239 Students to Leading Program

teacher education pinNearly 240 students have been recognized this fall as having satisfied requirements for admission to the University of Northern Iowa Teacher Education program. This includes students preparing to teach at all preK-12 levels: early childhood, elementary, middle level and high school.

Due to event restrictions associated with UNI COVID-19 guidelines, the Teacher Education Induction Convocation normally planned for both fall and spring 2020-21 semesters will not be held this academic year. Last spring’s induction of 223 students also was cancelled. 

“As was the case last spring, we miss the opportunity to share this milestone with our students, family and friends. It’s always such a special opportunity to see the anticipation and promise of our future teachers in the audience at Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center and hear them make their pledge to the teaching profession,” said Colleen Mulholland, dean of the UNI College of Education and chair of the program’s executive council. 

“We know how hard each student has worked, especially in these challenging times since March. We look forward to seeing them fulfill their dreams at a future commencement,” added Catherine Miller, professor, coordinator, mathematics teaching program, and faculty chair, UNI educator preparation program.

UNI has the largest teacher education program in Iowa, with more than 450 students graduating each year with degrees from the UNI College of Education or, for secondary education, from the Colleges of Business Administration; Humanities, Arts and Sciences; or Social and Behavioral Sciences. 

For more information on teacher education options at UNI, go to teach.uni.edu.