UNI receives unanimous approval from Iowa State Board of Education for Educator Prep Program

NOVEMBER 16, 2018: The University of Northern Iowa on Wednesday received unanimous approval of its educator preparation program from the Iowa State Board of Education, an important milestone for the continuing success of the state’s leading education program. The educator preparation program is examined by the state board of education every seven years. It's a rigorous process that brings peers from across thestate to provide the university with an outside perspective on its programs.
“It's high stakes for us, since a quarter of our students on campus are in teacher education,” said J.D. Cryer., coordinator for elementary teacher education. “Without this, we could have our accreditation pulled and our students couldn’t get a teaching license.”

UNI fully met all six standards upon which the Iowa Board of Education, working in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Board of Education Examiners, evaluates colleges.
“This is a validation that our program is one of the best,” Cryer said. “It demonstrates the high quality of education our students get, both in terms of content and their field experience.”
The educator preparation program includes all undergraduate academic programs in educator preparation involved in the instruction of strategies and methods for teaching, the professional sequence, and the supervision of field experiences that lead to licensure to practice in school settings.

“Educator preparation is at the heart of who we are at the University of Northern Iowa,” said Jim Wohlpart, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. “All of our academic colleges are involved in preparing the teachers of tomorrow and our faculty take this role very seriously. The Department of Education review process provided us with an opportunity to have an outside perspective on our work, validate the strength of that work, and point out areas where we can elevate that work.”