College of Education students among annual UNI honors awardees

College of Education undergraduate and graduate students were well represented in University of Northern Iowa awards conferred during the 2018-2019 school year. Awards included:

2019 Student Leadership Awards

Dr. Sue Follon Scholarship for Women in Leadership: Shaylyn Trenkamp, Elementary Education
Dr. Charlotte West Scholar-Athlete West Award: Crystal Florman, Women’s Swimming and Diving; Leisure, Youth and Human Services; Isaac Holtz, Men’s Track and Field, Movement and Exercise Science
Diversity Matters Award: Nadir Khan, Public Health and Education
Servant Leader Award: Emily Meier, Leisure, Youth and Human Services; Trevor Fletcher, Elementary Education.

Graduate College Awards for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation

First Place: Allan Nelson, Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education; Exploring the Experiences of Adolescent Students Attending a Virtual School
Second Place: Junu Shrestha, Ed.D., Health, Recreation and Community Services; Study of Low Dose Nitrite Stress on Human Mononuclear Cells: An In-Vitro Case-Control Study on Osteoarthritis
Third Place: Stanley Ebede, Ed.D., Health, Recreation and Community Services; Student Engagement in Higher Education: Measuring the Differences in Community Engagement”

2019 Graduate Student Symposium

Poster Presentations
Honorable Mention: Kyle Wilson, Physical Education: Kinesiology (M.A.), The Effectiveness of Using a Podcast to Teach Person-First Language

Oral Presentations

First Place, Elm Room: Mahjabeen Hussain, Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.), Understanding ESL Undergraduate Students’ Beliefs About Learner-Centered Instruction
First Place, Oak Room: Shehreen Iqtadar Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.), If It Wasn’t My Race, It Was Other Things Like Being a Woman, or My Disability: A Qualitative Research Synthesis of Students of Color with Disabilities in Education
First Place, State College Room: Abby Weiland, Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.), Teacher Well-Being: Voices in the Field