Faculty Scholar Series: Jennifer Waldron, Applying the Mentors in Violence Prevention Program to LGBTQ Students and Allies

Thursday, November 15, 2012, noon-1 p.m., SEC 182

November 12, 2012

The Mentors in Violence Prevention program was created to empower bystanders to take action when they witness violence. The program has been successfully used in high schools, where trained student leaders guide discussions around scenarios that highlight examples of harassment, abuse, and bullying. Given that nine out of ten LGBTQ high school students have reported harassment (Kosciw, Greytak, Diaz, & Bartkiewicz, 2009), it is important to provide high school students an avenue to discuss these issues. Therefore, the purpose of this workshop is to describe how we applied the MVP program model to issues surrounding LGBTQ students. Additionally, sample scenarios will be shared with participants. Finally, the workshop will close with how this program model can be implemented.