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Level III Field Experience

Elementary/Middle School:



Course Number: 210:120, 210:123
Course Title: Elementary/Middle School Classroom Management


One week
All day for five days


Participation in the public schools provides a realistic classroom experience in order that the participant may experience the complex role of the teacher, gain insights into individual differences, and become acquainted with procedures for planning appropriate learning experiences. A key aspect of this experience should be involvement in the "whole" act of teaching-planning, facilitating learning, and evaluating. It is preferred that the student(s) be involved in the ongoing classroom experiences and activities already in progress.


The student will:

  1. Participate in the complex role of the teacher in a realistic classroom setting;
  2. Assume any measure of responsibility for a whole class;
  3. Assess their own capabilities and have others evaluate their performance realistically in their chosen profession;
  4. Observe and assist with routine duties in classrooms at the laboratory school and in local schools;
  5. Assume more responsibility and greater involvement for planning lessons; and
  6. Assess their own strengths and weaknesses, under the guidance of their cooperating teacher, who provides direction for the final stages of professional preparation.



Written evaluation by classroom teacher to the 210:120 / 210:122 Professor.
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