Abi Harn

Abi Harn
Major/Job Title: 
Movement and Exercise Science for Physical Therapy
Waverly, Iowa
Class Year: 
Spring 2023

Abi Harn

Special minors or areas of emphasis:
Minor in Biology

How did you decide on your path of study?
When I was in 8th grade, I broke my foot playing basketball in PE class. After being on crutches and in a cast for a few months, I needed to attend physical therapy to regain the strength in my leg. While attending physical therapy, I really focused on what the therapists did on a daily basis, and I loved it. Ever since breaking my foot in 8th grade, I have dreamed of being a Physical Therapist.

Why did you choose to pursue this degree at UNI?
UNI is very close to my hometown of Waverly, Iowa, which allows me to be closer to friends and family nearby. UNI also has an outstanding Movement and Exercise Science course that prepares students well for grad school, which is what I plan to do.

What challenges have you faced as you've worked toward this degree – and how have you overcome them?
The main challenges one could face working towards this degree are the difficult courses/prerequisites needed to take to get into grad school. I have overcome these difficult courses by making sure I focus and set aside additional time to study for them.

What’s been your favorite memory at UNI?
So far, my favorite memory at UNI has been meeting my many new and wonderful friends. I know these friends will be lifelong ones who will be there with me through thick and thin.

How has UNI helped you achieve your goals?
UNI has helped me achieve my goals in many different and useful ways. The courses taught at UNI are preparing me for my future career as a PT. UNI offers the best and most helpful courses that PT grad schools require (Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physics). The teachers at UNI, especially in my course of study, are extremely helpful and generous and take their profession very seriously. This allows me to strive for and achieve my goals.

How has your experience at UNI shaped you?
My experience so far at UNI has shaped me into a more responsible and dedicated individual. I always strive to be on top of each and every project, assignment, and exam as much as humanly possible. While attending UNI, I have also been working two jobs, one on-campus (UNI Bookstore) and one off-campus (Agape Therapy). Attending UNI has shaped me into the responsible individual that I am by juggling two jobs at the same time as being a full-time student.

What advice would you give to students considering UNI?
If you are looking for a University that offers excellent courses, degrees, and resources, and also has wonderful professors and a welcoming community, then UNI is the best place for you! Even if you are not exactly sure what you want to do after college, UNI offers the guidance and courses to help lead you in the right direction. UNI is also a great place to meet new and friendly faces. You never know; you might meet your best friends at UNI.

What do you plan to do with your degree?
Next year, I plan on taking the GRE and applying to multiple PT grad schools. After graduating from UNI in 2023, I plan on attending a three-year PT grad school program. After attending grad school, I hope to hold a license as a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy).