What is a MA in Physical Education?

Students getting an MA in Physical Education elect one of two emphasis areas.  The Teaching/Coaching Emphasis is designed for students who plan to teach and/or coach in an educational setting at a variety of levels including public and private schools, colleges and universities.  The degree does not result in teacher endorsement by the State of Iowa.  The Kinesiology Emphasis prepares students for careers in the following areas:  Strength and Conditioning,  fitness industry, sport psychology, and scientific coaching.  An MA in Kinesiology is also used to increases a student’s chances of being accepted into Physical Therapy or Medical School.


What can I do with a MA in Physical Education with an emphasis in Teaching/Coaching? 

Most students in the MA in Physical Education (Teaching/Coaching) are seeking to enhance their career paths in the public/private schools by completing a Master’s degree.  Others are seeking careers in the college/university setting as coaches. 


What can I do with a MA in Physical Education with an emphasis in Kinesiology? 

Students with an MA in Physical Education (Kinesiology) choose employment as strength and conditioning coaches, upper-level administrators/managers in the fitness industry, or sport psychology consultants, or continue to an advanced degree in Exercise Science, Biomechanics or Sport Psychology. 


Where can I work? 

Commercial fitness and performance facilities, work-site wellness programs, hospital-based wellness programs, college and university wellness and athletic programs, school-based athletic programs.


Why should I study at UNI? 

Graduate classes are usually less than 12 students so students have easy access to faculty.  All graduate classes are taught by faculty that have doctorates.  The laboratories and classrooms are excellent and contain state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects which better prepares the student to conduct their own research.  Students interested in Strength and Conditioning can do practicums and internships in the UNI Athletic facility under the direction of the UNI Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

Graduate students may pursue a MA in Physical Education.  There are two emphases offered: Teaching/Coaching Emphasis or Kinesiology Emphasis. The Teaching/Coaching degree is online; more information can be found at Continuing Education.


Additional information, forms, program of study, and graduate student handbook can be found here.

Additional information on graduate education at UNI can be found at the Graduate College.