Dimensions of Well-Being

General Information

Dimensions of Well-Being (DWB) is a combination of 2 courses: one special topic lecture (HPELS 1020) and one special topic lab (HPELS 1030). Dimensions of Well-Being satisfies the LAC Category 1D requirement – Personal Wellness. 

  • Multiple lecture and lab options are offered each semester. Check Course Schedule for offerings.

  • Students can take a lecture and a lab in any order.

  • Students can take lecture and lab courses in the same semester or different semesters.

  • Each DWB course is 1 credit hour and half semester.

  • Currently, Dimensions courses cannot be taken as university electives. If students need one credit hour elective courses, they can enroll in PEMES activity courses that are listed as PEMES 1A or 1B.

  • We highly encourage students to visit with their academic advisors before enrolling into Dimensions courses to avoid registration mistakes.

  • Registration tips: all of the DWB lectures have section numbers like 80, 81, etc. or 90, 91, etc. The DWB labs are numbered 8B, 8C, etc. or 9A, 9B, etc. 

Please note that students are required to successfully complete both components within the Dimensions of Well-Being sequence: DWB lecture (1 hr.) and DWB Lab (1 hr.) to satisfy the LAC Category 1D requirement. Any other combination is not acceptable.  For example, the requirement is not satisfied if a student takes 2 DWB lectures or 2 DWB labs.

Students who have taken HPELS 1010 Personal Wellness (no longer offered) or HPELS 1059 lecture and lab and received satisfactory grades do not need to take HPELS 1020 and 1030 courses. Student who have earned an unsatisfactory grade in HPELS 1010 or HPELS 1059 and wish to retake the course, should enroll in HPELS 1020 and 1030 courses.  A new grade will automatically replace the grade previously earned.  Please note that DWB is a 2 credit hour requirement whereas Personal Wellness was 3 credit hours. The student's GPA will be recalculated accordingly.  Students who failed either a HPELS 1059 lecture or HPELS 1059 lab, should retake only the failed component, lecture or lab, respectively (not both).


Course descriptions


Course offerings vary by semester.  Please see the Course Schedule for specific offerings.