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Partnerships & Projects

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a program of the University of Northern Iowa Division of Leisure, Youth and Human Services.  AH is a national certification program preparing the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  

Camp Adventure  Youth Services is a nationally award winning model demonstration program incorporating the principles of service learning into the educational experiences of individuals. Promoting high-quality, high-impact program and services for children and youth, Camp Adventure  Youth Services encourages global awareness and cultural sensitivity as well as diversity and inclusion. The program is dedicated to integrating theory with practice.

The Global Health Corps provides theory to practice learning opportunities for health promotion and education students to design, implement, and evaluate health promotion and education programs with underserved diverse populations in the United States and abroad.  

In 2002, the UNI Global Health Corps (GHC) was name a Family Friendly Workplace by the Family and Children's Council.  The award was received because of their commitment to women, children and families, and for its emphasis on wellness and a family-friendly environment.  About 80% of GHC clients are women and children, and include refugees, immigrants, minorities, the elderly, rural farm families, the homeless and others with special public health needs.  Since it began in 1996, GHC has served more than 30,000 at-risk clients.

The Institute for Youth Leaders works closely with youth serving organizations through its programs of research, professional development, community service, and dissemination.

Just for Kicks was formed to help youth soccer players, coaches and parents.  It was created in 2001 and is under the direction of the Division of Leisure, Youth and Human Services.

The UNI Kindergym program at the University of Northern Iowa was created in an attempt to meet the needs of three distinct populations, namely preschoolers, parents, and UNI students. Kindergym has been developed around the philosophy that young children benefit by being exposed to a variety of activities which require the utilization of many different physical, social, and cognitive abilities.

The University of Northern Iowa, under a grant through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has established National Program for Playground Safety to address playground safety in the United States.   

UNI hosts the Iowa EXPORT Center of Excellence on Health Disparities, a National Institute of Health sponsored organization focused on providing outreach, research, education and training to organizations and individuals challenged with addressing health disparity issues in the State of Iowa.  

Recreation Research and Service was established to provide students with a learning experience that integrates theory with practice. The students and faculty work together to assist community recreation organizations to plan, research, and develop recreational systems and services in the State of Iowa. 

The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC) is an interdisciplinary research, education and outreach center serving Iowa citizens, business, and industry. The RRTTC's goals include the development of economical approaches to solving intractable solid waste problems and providing research and guidance on public health concerns as they relate to solid waste concerns. The RRTTC provides funding opportunities for faculty and students focusing on the above problems, including projects that emphasize sustainable by-product re-utilizations and industrial ecology. The RRTTC also includes the Material Innovation Services (MIS) , which provides Iowa companies with affordable access to the latest in mechanical, physical and chemical properties testing for the purpose of by-product re-utilization.

UNI students participate in STEP, a community service model directed at assisting public, non-profit and private/ commercial leisure service, tourism and environmental interests and organizational groups by providing professional training and community planning and assistance in the State of Iowa. 

World Leisure is a  non-profit, non-governmental worldwide agency is located at UNI. Committed to promoting leisure as integral to social, cultural and economic development, 

World Leisure holds consultative status with the United Nations. The World Leisure Secretariat was relocated from Okanogan, British Columbia, Canada, to Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, in 2004.   

XL Sports Acceleration Program is a collaborative program between Cedar Valley Medical Specialists PC, Allen Health Systems, and UNI, the XL Sports Acceleration Program for performance enhancement is designed to dramatically improve the athletic ability of every athlete. The program helps develop key athletic skills.

The Youth Fitness & Obesity Institute was established for addressing the physical activity and nutrition needs of rural youth. The institute will help to better understand the barriers and concerns of rural communities in their efforts to address the physical activity and nutrition requirements of children and adolescents in their community.